July Goals in Review; Pressing Forward in August

Posted on August 5, 2012


Whew! July flew by – most likely because I spent most of the month planning and celebrating my birthday! It wasn’t a milestone year but I wanted to have fun and make a big deal out of it so I did. There was eating out (Body Ecology was not followed!), shopping and play time in the sun in Palm Springs. Thanks to my husband for planning the trip. July is my most favorite time of the year 🙂

With that said, my goals fell to the wayside. I am happy to report though that I made it through two weeks of the LiveFit program! Not just that but I was getting up and going to the gym for 4:30a. That’s major and I’m starting back on that schedule this week. Oh how I’ve missed legs days! Sometimes I hate on my legs but they’re strong and I’m thankful for that. They respond well to weights so I can’t wait to get back to the gym!

Nutrition has been touch and go. I probably celebrated a little too much and too long for my birthday and now we’re heading towards my husband’s day of birth! I added fruit back into my diet because I missed it too much. To keep it safe I practiced food combining and focused on acidic fruits on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Talk about the return of sanity.

Without further preamble, here’s the plan for August:

1. Exercise Goals

I’m jumping right into week 3 of the LiveFit Trainer. Yes, I’ve had a two week break but there’s no need to return to Day 1.

2. Nutrition Goals

My body needs a break from the past month so it’s time for another juice and green smoothie feast! I’m excited. Not sure when I’ll begin but it’s happening this month. My goal is 30 days.

Otherwise, I will be working to stay as close to the Body Ecology principles as possible. Since I’ve been feasting on improperly combined meals, my nausea and bloating have returned in spades. You think I would learn, huh?

What are your goals (fitness, food or otherwise) for August?

– Kareen Turner, MPH, RD


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