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May Goals in Review; Pressing Forward in June

June 2, 2012


Where did May go?!? I feel like I wrote about my May Goals just a couple of days ago. At least this month I’m more timely with the post. How did May go?  So-so. And I’m not a so-so kinda of person so I’m annoyed. But not annoyed enough to engage in negativity. I’m staying positive […]

Congrats to me – 20 lbs down!

December 4, 2011


On November 17th, I weighed in at 152lbs marking a 20lb loss since August. It’s been just over two weeks and I’m maintaining – I’m happy for that. With Thanksgiving and less physical activity, I didn’t do any damage 🙂 When I saw the 152 on the scale, I whooped it up and my hubby […]

Back to Cooking or Uncooking That Is

September 26, 2011


The ants are gone…for now. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen a live one and while I don’t think we’re completely free from the their return, I’m at least happy that they’re not crawling everywhere for now. The benefits are a super-clean kitchen and family room 🙂 No one likes ants so we’re all […]

Letting Go

June 13, 2011


While cleaning up today, I stubbed my toe against this very full suitcase. And it hurt. The suitcase has been sitting in the bedroom since we moved back to Cali in February. I’ve been ignoring it but today I was painfully reminded of its existence. I also knew today I needed to make a decision […]