May Goals in Review; Pressing Forward in June

Posted on June 2, 2012


Where did May go?!? I feel like I wrote about my May Goals just a couple of days ago. At least this month I’m more timely with the post.

How did May go? 


And I’m not a so-so kinda of person so I’m annoyed. But not annoyed enough to engage in negativity. I’m staying positive and not beating myself up!

Here’s the rundown:

Exercise: I started Insanity but due to limited space I stopped. I talk more about that here. Walking/running was sporadic and hiking was, unfortunately, non-existent. Yikes!

Nutrition: I did follow a high raw whole-food plant-based diet but dabbled in cookies and even some cheese. That was rare because it tastes a little nasty to me now. I stopped the anti-candida diet because it wasn’t right for me and I talk more about that here. I am happy with how I ate in May and the overwhelming nausea is starting to ease which is a good thing.

My weight stayed the same which is good but not my goal. I still have 20lbs to lose and I will get there but I can’t let entire months go by without consistent exercise.

Enter June!

1. Exercise Goals:

– It’s time to head back to the gym! I’m actually super excited about the prospect. The gym has always been the site of my transformations in the past so I’m not sure why I’ve been hesitant to return.

– Tomorrow starts Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-week FREE program from! The program came to my attention through Afronique Wellness on YouTube. She did a great review and had excellent results.

– In reading other reviews on the program, one consistent “con” is the time you have to spend in the gym once you move into Phase II. Fortunately, aside from work, I don’t have any other commitments so I’m going to set the time aside and make it happen. And my husband supports this effort 🙂

2. Nutrition Goals:

– Continue with a high raw whole-food plant-based diet so I will not be following the LiveFit nutrition plan.

What are your plans for June?

– Kareen, RD


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