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Top 3 Tips for Staying on Track When You’re Cray Cray Busy

August 26, 2012


Exercise has been a distant memory the past couple of weeks and eating right hasn’t always been a top priority but it’s significantly better than in the past so I’m patting myself on the back. Work has been INCREDIBLY busy and I’m back to the 12 – 15 hour days from last year when the […]

Competition at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference 2012

July 1, 2012


I admit that I have a competitive streak (very, very big streak) and collaboration is like a four letter word. My husband is continually calling me on it. I have a hard time sharing my ideas for fear someone will steal or get the scoop on it. To those bloggers, entrepreneurs and 9to5’ers who may […]

May Goals in Review; Pressing Forward in June

June 2, 2012


Where did May go?!? I feel like I wrote about my May Goals just a couple of days ago. At least this month I’m more timely with the post. How did May go?  So-so. And I’m not a so-so kinda of person so I’m annoyed. But not annoyed enough to engage in negativity. I’m staying positive […]

#HAWMC Day 10 – Dear 16-year-old-me

April 10, 2012


Today’s Prompt: Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of? <I wish a had a picture to share with you. They’re all packed away in my parents’ basement.  .  . in Canada. You can trust that I was a cute 16 year […]

"Good Experiences Build Motivation . . .

July 4, 2011


. . . and motivation leads to habit.” Those are my husband’s words after our day today and I agree! What we planned as a regular day turned into a RAW delight. We started off the day heading to Santa Barbara but after three detours and 2.5 hours with more to go, SoCal traffic finally got […]