#HAWMC Day 12 – Stream of Consciousness

Posted on April 12, 2012


Today’s Prompt: Stream of Consciousness Day. Start with the sentence “This morning I looked in the mirror…” just write, don’t stop, don’t edit. Post!

This morning I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I’ve lost 37 lbs and it feels good. I still have more to lose but I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m also somewhat surprised that I am someone who needs to lose 50 lbs. I never thought it would be possible for me to gain that much weight. So this is a turning point in my health journey. While it’s great to celebrate weight loss, what will I do to ensure that I maintain? That starts with an unpleasant look back at what got me to 172lbs.

There were the usual culprits: not feeling like exercising, not wanting to change my food choices and not caring at times. Then there was the 18 months that D and I only saw each other on the weekends. We lived in Arizona and he worked in California during the week. He is my best friend so it was a painful time and I used food to get through the week. Why is food so comforting? I had bouts where I started an exercise program and even joined a gym but there was no follow through.

We moved back to California a year ago and now I ate to celebrate. We both did. Many of our greatest memories are associated with food and we fell back into that pattern. It wasn’t until my physician expressed concern about signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes that I realized my complacency was leading to deteriorating health. I was scared and also embarrassed as a dietitian.

That started my juicing and green smoothie journey. I haven’t looked back since and even when I have slipped back into old eating habits, the weight has not come back. And with each successive feast, my stumbles become less and less. Today is day 50 of this feast and there are only 10 more days left. When I looked in the mirror this morning I saw a person in the middle of making a major change in her life. I was proud.

– Kareen, RD