One Month of Crossfit

Posted on July 1, 2011


I wasn’t sure I was going to make it but I did. One month down and I even signed up for ANOTHER month! It doesn’t hurt that one of my co-workers now friend also took the challenge with me. She gets us there and then I keep us going once we get there. It’s a perfect mix! Fortunately she’s signed up for the next month, too.

Earlier this week I was discouraged. No weight loss, my cardiovascular system sucks, and every WOD is kicking my butt. I’ll admit, I thought about quitting and heading back to the traditional gym. Fortunately my husband had some words of encouragement that got me back on track.

I remembered that while weight loss is important to me, so is mastering the Crossfit skills! I have some ways to go but.  .  .

1. I’m a strong woman! (I talk about that here)
2. My burpees are better! I did them on the pavement without one scratch!
3. I graduated from the 16″ box to the 20″ one for box jumps!
4. I did 20 assisted ring dips! The first time I did these, it was a workout just to get on the rings with the band and I was only able to muster one dip.
5. I graduated from jumping pull-ups to pull-ups with a band. I did three!
6. I graduated from the 8 lb medicine ball to the 14 lb’er!
7. I did 100 back extensions and 100 sit-ups in between a 2 mile run!
8. And even though I’m a slow runner, I am running and I finished 2.5 miles in between swinging an 18 lb kettlebell.
9. I didn’t gain weight!
10. I didn’t give up!

I know there’s more; I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge progress. Sometimes while looking at the bigger picture, I lose the trees. Looking at the list above, I’m motivated!

For July, my goal is to continue to work on my running speed, graduate to the 36 lb kettlebell and to increase the band resistance I use for pull-ups.

What progress did you make in June? What are your goals for July?

– Kareen, RD