#HAWMC Day 19 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Posted on April 19, 2012


Today’s prompt: Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

Here are the first people that came to mind when I read today’s prompt: My mom & dad, Derek’s mom, my brother and Derek’s brother. I am thankful that they are all living. D and I count as one so he’s naturally included at this dinner 🙂 It’s not a celebrity packed list but being together at one table with my family would make me happy. I miss them and love their company.

D and I moved to Southern California from Southern Ontario in Canada almost seven years ago. We moved four months after we married so I could return to school for a master’s degree in nutrition. Life during the two years I was a student, money was tight. My parents would visit us here occasionally and when D and I went to Canada we went separately.

Since becoming gainfully employed we try to visit once a year and I always look forward to when both sides of the family get together – usually for a BBQ courtesy of my dad. But that’s only in Canada and it’s one time a year.

If I had the opportunity, I would love to host them all in Southern California for an evening (or a week of evenings!) of raw vegan delights, laughter, sun and love. Fanciful? Not really. I’ve experienced them before and I would like to have even just one evening here. In an ideal world, if I wasn’t limited to five people, I would include extended family and the wonderful friends that I count as family.

Who would you invite to dinner?

– Kareen, RD

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