ChaLEAN Extreme Day 2

Posted on November 17, 2009


Day 2 brought with it Burn Circuit 2 and a great feeling of accomplishment.

I bought a set of 10 lbs and thought they would be too light but Walmart didn’t have the greatest selection. Ha! I ended up putting the 10s down and switching to 5s. I’m going to slowly build my repertoire.

Calories will be on target once I finish my post workout snack. I’m working on finding protein sources. I’m semi-vegetarian (only fish) and am trying to find non-bloating alternate sources.

Tomorrow is a rest day in the program. I bought the Ultimate TaeBo DVD tonight so I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning. May also go for a quick run/walk after work.

That’s it for tonight.

much success!

– k

(originally written and posted on Sparkpeople 11/10/09)

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