Competition at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference 2012

Posted on July 1, 2012


I admit that I have a competitive streak (very, very big streak) and collaboration is like a four letter word. My husband is continually calling me on it. I have a hard time sharing my ideas for fear someone will steal or get the scoop on it.

To those bloggers, entrepreneurs and 9to5’ers who may have a similar character trait… there IS room for everyone! Yes, a competitive spirit is healthy and necessary but it shouldn’t paralyze you. You are unique and your brand will resonate with a unique audience and that’s what you want! Get into the field you are passionate about even if it looks crowded! Collaborate freely! And most importantly, be yourself! The rest will follow.

I met so many lovely people at the conference who all write about fitness & health. I was overwhelmed at the meet and greet. I felt that everyone was so much further along in their blogging and business journey than me AND to make matters worse, they were fitter, too. I was able to talk myself off the competition ledge long enough to grasp the truth that we each had our own unique perspective and could only grow from the opportunity getting to know each other. From there, I was completely relaxed and had a MARVELOUS time! I even asked for advice and offered some up too.

I’m still competitive but I see the benefit of reaching out to others in the health and fitness community. More importantly, my time at the conference helped me to appreciate my voice and role within this vibrant community.

So, are you highly competitive?

– Kareen, MPH, RD

p.s. Happy Canada Day!