Juice Feast Wrap-Up Part 2 – What I Learned

Posted on June 17, 2012


Choosing to drink fresh made vegetable and fruit juices/smoothies for 60 days is a giant commitment for anyone but I felt a little more challenged since I work in a kitchen. As I’ve mentioned before, I am the director of a nutrition services department in a hospital. In the past I considered it part of my job responsibility to taste as many of the items that we prepare and by ‘taste’ I mean plates of food. While I am still ultimately responsible for what leaves the department, I learned that I can trust the palateof my Executive Chef, Dietitian Manager and production staff. For 60 days, it was okay to say ‘no thank you’ and defer to the expertise of my team members. Even after beginning to eat solds again, I continue with this mindset. Of It course there’s the obvious that a taste is now an actual sample instead of a plate full…most of the time 🙂

D and I attended two functions while juicing. The first was a wedding 10 days in and I was nervous but it went well. While others at the table appeared uncomfortable with us not eating, we were fine. We filled up on juice before leaving the house and at the wedding we enjoyed water and a ton of dancing! The second function was work-related and I was EVEN MORE nervous. I was in Palm Springs for a hospital-wide leadership retreat and the night before, the new CEO at the facility where I work invited the team to PF Chang’s for dinner. Of course I had to go – wanted to go – to get a chance to socialize with my co-workers but not eating? What would the new CEO think? D talked me off the ledge and we had a great time. Yes, there were lots of questions and the CEO ended up sitting next to us so there was no avoiding the issue but there was no issue just curiousity.  Again people felt bad eating in front of us but it really didn’t bother us. In the end, we actually preferred not eating. Even with our heightened sense of smell we couldn’t smell one single thing on the table. Sorry that’s not real food. We weren’t tempted.

I said ‘no thank you’ quite a bit during the feast and it was liberating. I realized how often I ate to meet societal pressures and not just hunger. The feast taught me that I don’t have to appease others by eating. It’s okay to say no, to go out to eat and choose not to eat if there’s nothing on the menu I would like to try or to suggest a non-food-related get together. I also learned that it’s okay to be hungry. We live in a land of excess so I don’t need to freak out if I get hungry. I won’t starve if I choose to wait to eat something that fits into my chosen meal plan. I don’t need to make rash decisions.

I learned that I am able to release weight. That’s encouraging. Very. As a dietitian, I learned to be open to ideas that aren’t mainstream. Juicing and green smoothie feasts aren’t for everyone but nothing in this world is one size fits all. I was averaging 1200 to 1500 calories a day when juicing.This isn’t a starvation diet. I may have lost some muscle definition but truthfully my arms and legs became more defined with my nightly push-ups and squats. I didn’t experience blood sugar spikes and my energy levels were high and consistent throughout the day. My husband and I had a very pleasant experience. I would recommend a feast but always after a physician’s clearance. If you have a pre-existing considition such as diabetes or renal disease I would advise proceeding under the care of a dietitian – like me! That may mean a one day, three day or one meal feast. You don’t have to complete 60 days to receive the benefits.

In a nutshell, I learned to be bold in my life and put aside concerns of what other peple think. These 60 days were not just about food but a giant shift in my life’s paradigms.

I’m happy.

– Kareen, RD