Restaurant Review – 118 Degrees

Posted on May 13, 2012


Last night D and I decided to visit Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Neither of us have ever visited any Disney parks so we decided on a peripheral visit to the “downtown.” That was a quick walk 🙂 The best part was watching the swing dancers.

Everyone was so good!

Once back to the car, a quick map search showed that we were about 20 minutes away from 118 Degrees. Yipee!! We’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since we tried Chef Jenny Ross’ food at Whole Foods Market. We rushed there since it was almost 9:00 PM and the restaurant closes at 10:00.

Here we are!

118 Degrees is a raw vegan restaurant located in Costa Mesa, CA owned by Chef Jenny Ross. It is located in a development called The Camp which is a community of eco-friendly group of stores. Most were closed because it was so late when we arrived but we’ll definitely visit again.

The restaurant itself is small with a modern feel – concrete floors with wood tables which made for great atmosphere. The service was great. Even with the kitchen about to close, they allowed us ample time to go through the menu and provided recommendations. Our server suggested the Sweet Corn Tamales and Crepes 360. So we went with that.

Sweet Corn Tamales

The tamales were delicious and our favourite of the two meals. Be warned – it’s a rich dish but worth the splurge. The filling contained marinated mushroom and what seemed to be a cashew-based pate. The lightness of the cabbage salad with the guacamole and salsa topping was a good complement.

Crepes 360

This dish was also great but the tamales won out for us. The shells were flax-based and filled with pesto aioli, avocado, chard, asparagus, mushrooms and sweet peppers. The topping of sun dried tomato sauce and olive carmelata was SOOOO delicious! It really set off the dish.

Again, no dessert. We enjoy sweets at home but don’t usually splurge when we go out. We’ll certainly visit again and maybe just for dessert 🙂

Did you try anything new this weekend?

– Kareen, RD