#HAWMC Day 8 – Best Conversation I Had This Week

Posted on April 8, 2012


Today’s Prompt: Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

I love the prompt today because I was fortunate enough to have quite a few awesome conversations this past week. The one I selected occurred on Friday with my parents on the telephone to D and I. They live in Canada, where we’re both from, and we haven’t seen them in almost a year. Last May when they came, D and I had swelled to weights that they were both shocked to see. They were, legitimately, concerned about our health.

I’ve been posting regular pictures of my weight loss journey so they’ve seen my transformation. D hasn’t been as forthcoming. Last week he reached 40lbs lost since October 2011 and he was ready to celebrate with a pic which I posted on my FB page but my parents had not seen it.

He's wearing the suit he wore on our wedding day! So handsome 🙂

<start conversation>

Dad: D your mom tells me you’ve lost quite a bit of weight.

D: Yes, I’ve reached the 40lb mark.

Dad and Mom: Wow! Congratulations!

Me: I posted a picture of him on my EatingRight page. Did you see it?

Mom: Dad’s going to pull it up now.

<I’m going to leave out the 10 minutes it took them to find the pic. That alone was an adventure!>

Dad: Whoa!

Mom: D!

Me: He looks good, right? He’s wearing his wedding suit!

D: <smiling ear to ear>

Dad: Now this is the man that proposed to my daughter.

Mom: Good for you!

D: Thank you <with more smiling>

Dad: You look. . . wow. . .wow

Dad: I’m so proud of you. Keep up the good work! Now you’re giving me a run for my money.

Dad: I’m so proud of both of you and how you’ve changed your lives. You’re too young to have health issues.

<end conversation>

There was more chatter and of course I paraphrased because I don’t remember every word but you get the idea. As a child, you’re never too old to get tired of hearing your parents praise you so I liked that part. More importantly, I’m glad to decrease their stress about my health status. Parents shouldn’t worry about their kids’ medical condition. If anything, I should be concerned about theirs. My dad is right – we are too young to succumb to diseases of the environment.

What’s cool is that they’ve started adding fresh, green juices into their daily intake and are seeing the benefits. Today marks day 7 of my brother’s juice and green smoothie feast. I’m super proud of him as he’s never been a vegetable lover. That was another awesome conversation to hear him talk about adding tomatoes and kale to juices and enjoying it!

It’s one thing to get healthy yourself but taking your family and friends along for the ride brings a euphoria that’s indescribable.

What interesting conversations did you have this past week?

– Kareen, RD