#HAWMC Day 7 – Writer’s Choice

Posted on April 7, 2012


Today’s Prompt: Write about what you want today. 

A free writing day and I’m at a loss for words – ha! I’m so used to the WEGO prompts that tonight was a little painful creatively. Here’s my best effort 🙂

D and I began our current 60 day juice and green smoothie feast on February 23. I wrote a 30-day wrap-up here but haven’t documented this journey the same way I did my first feast because there isn’t much to say everyday.

Today marks day 45 and on Monday, day 47, we begin the first phase we begin the Arise & Shine 28 Cleanse Natural Herbal Cleansing system.

We’re not completing the full 28 days as this juice and green smoothie feast has left our bodies in an alkaline state already. We’re focusing week 4, the Master Phase. To prepare us for that, we will begin taking the chompers (a mild herbal laxative) on Monday. They usually take approximately one week to take effect so our Master Phase will begin on the 16th.

We completed this cleanse almost 10 years ago and it worked for us. In fact, it worked so well, I was out of commission for three days while dealing with massive detox through my skin. I felt great after and D also had excellent results but not nearly as uncomfortable as mine. We decided to try again five years ago but the cleansing reactions were too strong and I stopped. So I’m trying again but with a plan!

I primarily cleanse through my skin so my goal is to get rid of toxins as quickly as possible. To that end, D and I have scheduled colonic sessions, will visit our fitness center’s sauna and I will soak with Epson salt.Fortunately I have vacation time if the reactions get too intense. I’m scared but ready to give it a try again.

That’s the plan.

– Kareen, RD