#HAWMC Day 4 – Why Do I Write?

Posted on April 4, 2012


Today’s prompt: I write about my health because. . .

I was terrified of blogging. Even posting a Facebook status gave me hives. So that’s where I started – with Facebook.

My first status updates were very safe and mundane, a la “Good morning! Have a great day!” As expected, I grew more comfortable and my fear became a memory. The transition to blogging was not as easy. I remember telling my husband “I will never blog.” Never say never.

In 2009, my weight was creeping out of control and I found myself back at to Sparkpeople to log my food intake and exercise. I also started ChaLEAN Extreme and was enjoying it so much I wanted to document my journey. I was excited! I found myself posting a blog in Sparkpeople. Hitting the “publish” button that first time did give me the sweats 🙂 Eventually, I grew out of that space and iamEatingRight was born on Blogger and then I transitioned to WordPress in 2012.

I didn’t reach the goal I first set out and actually gained an additional 20lbs after starting the blog. That was… embarrassing. I went silent but returned because I realized the importance of being authentic. Surprisingly, no one “laughed.” The online community can be harsh in its anonymity but I have only experienced kindness and support.

I’m not prolific but I enjoy writing and I liked writing about me for me. Along the way, my purpose changed from “me,me,me” to helping others. I am after all, a Registered Dietitian. Yes, I’m still the main subject of my posts and that’s just the nature of my blog but my hope is that by sharing my (mis-)adventures on this health journey that just one person will see themselves in me, take heart and continue on their journey.

Even just one.

To let that person see that she’s not alone in her struggle with weight and that she has the strength to lose the weight AND keep it off. To let that person know IBS doesn’t mean he is tied to the bathroom or wishing he could go to the bathroom. To let that person know he can thrive and embrace life on a raw vegan diet. To let that person know it’s okay to take control of her health even when others doubt her course.

That’s why I write.

– Kareen, RD