Exploring Uncooking – Yummy Raw Vegan Eats!

Posted on January 26, 2012


My fridge was full. Good stuff like fresh veggies and fruits but still so full. So, I dug into my uncook books and scoured the web for raw vegan recipes to prepare.

Here we go!

Let’s start this trip with a visit to Averie at Love Veggies & Yoga for her delicious Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Dough Balls.

Okay. This one didn't use too many of the ingredients in the fridge but they were too good to resist trying.

These tasty creations took about 10 minutes to make. I love cookies and these really helped satisfy my sweet tooth this weekend. I highly recommend this recipe.

Okay. Now let’s get to the stuff in the fridge!

We have a lot oranges so I was intrigued by Laura-Jane’s Raw Orange Smoothie recipe at The Rawtarian.

Sorry for the poor quality - it's a cell cam. My camera was out of batteries

This one was also quick to whip up and delicious! I just discovered The Rawtarian and highly recommend the site for quick, easy and tasty recipes.

I also made her Silky Green Smoothie which was SUPER DUPER yummy! I definitely recommend making and drinking this one fresh. Tastes so much better! Sorry no pics for this one 😦

I had a hankering for some fresh juice. Juicing is the perfect way to clear out fruits and veggies before they go bad.

Red and golden beets, granny smith and daisy apples, broccoli, spinach, limes and ginger

Finished product

Last but not least, I made some fresh almond milk. This time I think I perfected the method.

Straining the almond milk through a cheese cloth

Here's the leftover almond paste after the milk has been strained. I froze it and will make...something with it!

And we’ll end this trip where we started – back to Love Veggies & Yoga. This time I made Averie’s Raw Vegan Apple Crumble.

Mine is not as syrupy as Averie's so I'll have to try it again. I was a little easy breezy with measuring πŸ™‚

All this needs is a raw vegan ice cream to top it off!

I made some progress and the fridge is less full now! My husband even commented on it. I have more goodies to show but that’s another post!

– Kareen, RD