Pizza Remains a Vegetable

Posted on November 17, 2011


In an attempt to reduce the amount of pizza and french fries served in schools, the USDA wanted to increase the serving of tomato paste considered a vegetable to 1/2 cup. For the fries, the USDA proposed decreasing the number of allowable servings of starchy carbs. Congress has rejected both of those proposals. The tomato paste serving considered a vegetable will remain at two tablespoons and there is no change in starchy carb servings.

Here are a few articles on the topic:
The complaints of a tight budget are real and I believe that too points back to Congress. Why isn’t produce as subsidized as other agriculture so that it’s just as easy to purchase as dairy products, for example?
I’m not vilifying pizza; I love it! I had to cut back earlier this year as my waist line grew. And now that I practice a whole raw food plant-based diet, I’ve found some tasty and healthier alternatives. Not all pizza is created equal but I don’t think we’ll see the whole wheat veggie laden variety in schools.
I certainly believe in free choice with personal eating habits as long as there is actually a choice.
What are your thoughts?
– Kareen
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