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Posted on September 26, 2011


The ants are gone…for now. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen a live one and while I don’t think we’re completely free from the their return, I’m at least happy that they’re not crawling everywhere for now. The benefits are a super-clean kitchen and family room 🙂 No one likes ants so we’re all pitching in to keep our place as spic and span as possible. 

With the elimination of these little pests, I’ve brought back the fruit, veggies and other groceries into the mix. My body has been craving a high raw low fat vegan diet. Here are this week’s eats in pictures.
I visited my favourite local grocery store, Henry’s, although the sign has now officially changed to Sprouts.
The pineapple was a good pick and made for a great breakfast Wednesday morning! 
I spent a lot of time in the Los Angeles area last week attending meetings so I made sure I had snacks ahead of time. The best part of following a low fat raw vegan diet is the ease of food prep. I need to get a better lunch bag – the grocery bags just aren’t cutting it. Fortunately I have already picked up a couple of the re-usable variety at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, i.e. the annual RD conference. 
I digress. Here are my eats for the rest of the week.
Mango Avocado Salad on Wednesday
Surprised at the selection of fruits and veggies at one of my conference last Friday. This  was plate 1 of 2 🙂
Giant zooks from a co-workers garden. I chose to start with the biggest one.
I used half to make this delicious Zook Salad Friday evening.
The other half was used in my first ‘oven-as-dehydrator’ experiment.
The results: over-dehydrated zook chips but they were still very tasty as a Saturday treat. I’ll be trying again with one of the remaining zooks.
Another mango salad on Saturday afternoon.
Cucumber Radish Salad for FNCE today.
Mango Ginger Salad for FNCE. Yes, I love mangoes!
On the weight loss front, I am happy to report that my weight has remained stable! Well, I’ve actually lost 0.6 lbs which is good considering my diet has not been on point the past couple of weeks. Getting back on track feels so good!
Hope you enjoyed a fun and healthy weekend!
– Kareen, RD
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