Green Smoothie Feast – Days 2 and 3

Posted on August 3, 2011


What I’ve learned so far is that my memory isn’t as great as I think it is. I make about three different smoothie flavour creations nightly. I thought I would remember what I did but I completely forget all the mixtures! For day 4 (today), I wrote them all out as I was making them so I’ll be better at documenting moving forward.

On a side note, please see a physician or nutrition expert before undertaking any type of fast.

Day 2

So much easier than Day 1! Mondays are always busy for me but this past Monday was especially hectic with unexpected meetings. I definitely had hunger pangs but I wasn’t focused on eating AND I had enough smoothies to get me through the day.

Here’s the stash:
Lots of container variety!

Mid-morning I took the plunge and told my co-workers. As expected, I received the weird stares – especially when I displayed the stash above. The “ewww” faces were followed by “so, how does it taste?” As I’ve said before, you really can’t taste the greens but they sure do make for a funky looking drink.

My cravings kicked into high gear at dinner as I watched Derek preparing his meal. I distracted myself by using the time to make my smoothies for the next day. And while we’re on the topic of prep time, I’ve been averaging about an hour to make four different smoothie mixes. Wash, peel, blend and repeat.

While I don’t remember the exact creations, I did blend the fresh figs with strawberries and bananas. The fig flavour was very mild and I actually wished for a stronger taste profile but it was still good. On the greens side, day 2 was all spinach.

Day 3

Yesterday morning I woke up and WOMP! Cleansing reactions! I was coughing up phlegm (TMI but it’s true), had a headache, my eyes were burning and my nose was running. A full blown cleansing cold! All I wanted to do was stay in bed but it wasn’t option. My symptoms got progressively worse after I arrived to work. As uncomfortable as I was, it was an encouraging sign that whatever I’m doing is working.

Smoothie-wise, yesterday was also a spinach day (don’t worry, I varied my greens a little bit more for day 4). I blended pears for the first time and that added a pleasant smoothness to the drink. Because I don’t own a high power blender, the drink was also gritty but again, still delicious. I’ve never been one to tolerate a lot of different textures but this fast is helping me get over my mouth-feel thing 

I’m still loving fresh lime juice – I have been using Persian limes – and also ginger. Since it’s my fast, I add those two ingredients to almost all my smoothies. Hmmm!

Yesterday I also took a leap out of my comfort zone and shared samples of my creations with two co-workers. One loved it and kept asking for more but I had to cut her off because I was quickly running out of my food for the day. The other co-worker wasn’t really feeling it at the time but called me later that night to ask if I would make her smoothies if she paid me for the ingredients. Ha! I had to decline because it’s taking me a lot of time to make my own and part of the fast is to relax as much as possible. If I were not taking part in the fast myself, I would definitely guide her through and prepare her smoothies.

I was short on smoothies yesterday so I purchased a Green Machine Juice from Naked. It was the best option at the time. My sense of smell seems heightened so solid food is enticing. And yesterday I had to cashier during lunch as an employee called out. Really? I’ve never had to cash during lunch and on Indian cuisine day?!? I made it through but it was challenge. It’s all good though! My body is responding well to this rest and that makes me happy.

I’m about five hours into Day 4 and the cleansing reactions are still here but not as intense for the moment. I’m in it to the end!

Have a great day!

– Kareen, RD