Week 1 Update – 30 Day Make July Your Best.Month.of.2011.YET Challenge

Posted on July 10, 2011


At the end of the first week I remain motivated which is a good thing. Looking back at the goals I set, I specifically did not select weight. I’m not sure what’s happening with my ability to shed pounds right now but I’m working on being happy with progress in other areas. Weight loss will happen and until it does, I’m going to work on pushing myself fitness-wise.

I was sidelined yesterday and today by. . . something. I won’t go into details but let’s just say I couldn’t be too far away from the bathroom. Not sure what we picked-up but my husband did not experience it to the same extent I did.
Before the above event, the week was going well. 
1. I went to Crossfit twice due to the short week. I accomplished my first ever double under!
Here’s a demo of a double under. I actually used Danielle’s technique and it works!
2. I completed five regular push-ups and 20 body squats each morning – even Friday morning. The push-ups are coming along well and I may increase the number to 10!
3. I lifted the 36 lb kettlebell 2x this week, once each time. I’m going to have to work up to that beast!
I had one slice of cheese each on Thursday and Friday. Definitely not 100% vegan but MUCH better than the week before. I was about 85% raw. Because I was sidelined, I was not able to get my grocery shopping as planned. Tomorrow I will be out and about getting my supplies. I spent the day watching Youtube raw recipe vids and I’m super excited to get the week started!
I started reading Ellen G White’s Acts of the Apostles. I’ve started each day reading a couple of pages and it’s been a great way to wake up! I am working on getting to bed by 9:00p and that will continue to be a work in progress.
Did you put your action plan into action this past week? 
– Kareen, RD
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