30 Day Make July Your Best.Month.of.2011.YET Challenge

Posted on July 5, 2011


I’m participating in a Facebook one month challenge that will end August 4th. It’s being run by a great and inspiring woman so I couldn’t help but join! We had to choose one physical, nutritional and spiritual goal to work on in July and then list five action plans for each of those areas. 
Here’s the ‘entry’ that I also posted on Facebook but I will be tracking my progress here weekly. Here are my goals and action plans for July.
My best month yet will see me being physically active ; eating for healthy and strong body; and placing God first!
2. DECIDE! (aka goals)
a) Physical: Complete 30 reps of 36 lb kettlebell throws in Crossfit
b) Nutrition Goal: Vegan with at least two raw meals daily
c) Spiritual Goal: Spend time in prayer first thing in the morning everyday
3. COMMIT! (aka action plans)
a) Physical: 
– Complete Crossfit WOD 4x/week
– Complete 5 regular push-ups each morning 
– Complete 20 body weight squats each morning
– Practice lifting 36 lb’er 2x/week
– Get to bed by 9:00p
b) Nutrition:
– Plan weekly meals every Thursday (using raw uncookbooks for inspiration)
– Grocery shop for the week every Friday 
– Prep meals + snacks every Sunday 
– Bring lunch + snacks to work daily
– Make a green smoothie for breakfast daily
– Get to bed by 9:00p
c) Spiritual:
– Select a book of morning readings
– Set alarm to 4:30a
– Get to bed by 9:00p
Feel free to join in! You’ve already told me what your goals are for July. How are you going to get there?
– Kareen, RD
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