Thanks Dad!

Posted on June 19, 2011


I take after my dad in my body type. I prone to obesity and also prone to rapid muscle gain. Not too cool when you’re a girl trying get that long lean look especially at 5’1″. I’ve spent years focusing on cardio for weight loss so I wouldn’t look thick and then I would get frustrated when the weight loss was accompanied by flabby arms! Even with that, I continued to avoid weights or lifting heavy.

A couple of weeks ago, I started Crossfit and getting out of the traditional gym was the change I needed to begin to embrace my physical self. This past week, my strengths were applauded and that couldn’t have happened without the body I inherited from my dad.

I have never front squatted before yet I was able to max out at 125 lbs. It’s been at least 2.5 years and a 30 lb weight gain since I’ve done a deadlift and yet I was more than comfortable at 105 lbs. I grinned when my Crossfit coach said “we love strong women!” When the other Crossfitters also joined in on the praise, all I could reply was “I get it from my dad.”
I grew up watching him run 5k and 10k races; riding his bike and even today, after being sidelined with knee injuries years ago, he goes to the gym faithfully and loves spin class. He still struggles with weight as I do but his signature ‘diesel’ legs are still. . .well. . .diesel! Those are my genetics and until this past week, I was never truly thankful for or proud of that legacy. Yes, I will never have “thin” legs and arms but they will be muscular. And for that I can’t wait!

So, thanks Dad. Happy Father’s Day. I love you.

– Kareen, RD

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