Week 8 Weigh-in

Posted on February 20, 2011


Yikers! Several good-bye parties this week and I made healthy choices in the beginning but I will admit by the third meal out, I caved. My weight gain doesn’t entirely reflect an intake of an extra 10,500 calories this week. I ate more than usual but I didn’t go buck wild. Part of the issue was the increased sodium and decreased water intake. I expect that I’ll be back to 160 this coming week. Yep, that’s a bold prediction!

Packing. Moving. New job Monday. Gotta make a plan then work that plan.


Height: 5’1-1/2″

Starting Weight: 168 (11/2010 – weight before beginning my high raw diet journey; lost 6lbs then regained 2+lbs over the holidays)
Goal Weight: A STRONG 110

W1: 164.6 (01/01/11)
W2: 163.4 (01/08/11) -1.2
W3: 164.0 (01/15/11) +0.6
W4: 160.0 (01/21/11) -4 WAAAAHOOOOOO!!
W5:  battery died (01/29/11)
W6: 162.0 (02/05/11) +2
W7: 160.4 (02/12/11) -1.6
W8: 163.2 (02/19/11) +3.2

– Kareen, RD