Posted on January 9, 2011


Is the title reminiscent enough of a World Cup soccer player scoring a goal? Hope so; because that’s how I’m feeling right now. A week into 2011 and I remain motived! I don’t have the rose-coloured glasses on so I recognize that there’s going to be a lot of work to do. 

I have three areas of focus this year: faith, family/friends and fitness. I won’t go into much detail with the first two. Following Chalene Johnson’s challenge, I created a 2011 goal list based on my top three. From that goal list, I’ve identified weight as my push goal. Reaching my goal weight will allow me to push through to accomplish my other goals.
How will I accomplish my push goal? Exercise and eating right? Of course! My first program of choice is 20-weeks of Turbo Fire! I started with the 5-Day Inferno Plan but was thwarted by my operating system. Linux didn’t like many of the CDs. 
I’ve updated to Windows 7 and  all the CDs work now! I thought about re-doing the Inferno Plan but decided to proceed with the regularly scheduled program. I’m following the class schedule. Today was Day 1 and I loved it! The music is great and Chalene’s energy is motivating!

On the eating side, I’m moving forward with eating a high raw vegan diet and still following a vegan diet. There’s not much to detail there as I’ve discussed it here, here and here.

That’s a wrap. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!
– Kareen, RD
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