PSA: Don’t be a Slasher!

Posted on December 29, 2009


This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by a Jillian Michaels quote: “When you get one flat tire do you then get out of the car and slash the other three?”

While we do our best to maintain our weight loss journey or even to minimize the impact of holiday treats, sometimes the season can get the best of us… or maybe it’s just me.

I stayed on track until December 23 and then it unraveled into a stress-induced feeding frenzy. From working longer than expected hours to being yelled at by a physician, I began my holiday time in a holly jolly way 🙂 Add to that missed workouts (although I did go on a couple of great, brisk walks with my hubby) and I didn’t enter the Christmas weekend on the right track.

That’s the flat tire.

I certainly thought about letting it all go for the rest of the week and start fresh in January. After all, it’s the holidays, right?

Then I remembered Jillian Michaels’ sage analogy. Bingeing and foregoing my workout plan would be akin to slashing the rest of the tires. And that, doesn’t make sense with tires or with my weight loss journey.

So back on track today. . . well, on the outer lanes. Working my way back into the inner lanes.

As we work our way into 2010, don’t be a slasher! Just fix the flat and keep moving forward!

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

– Kareen, RD

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