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Posted on December 2, 2009


So I got lost in my head this past week. I’m still exercising (and enjoying it!) but my nutrition has not been…nutritious. I’m working towards being back on track with eating and workouts but wow, it’s been a challenge!

I forget that weight loss is a journey and even when you have a map, you can still get lost. The weight is not coming off in the amount I expected and then, I saw myself on video Thanksgiving Day.

Well, that was depressing.

I FEEL different but I LOOK the same. I’m stronger, my clothes are much looser, and my body is changing and I thought it was more visible. It’s not. To everyone else, I’m. . . fat. As much as I fought the negative thoughts, it was a demoralizing realization.

And then I fell into my usual pattern. Actually, I walked into it and I didn’t put up a fight.

Overeating is a viscious cycle. I eat to ease my frustration but instead it grows to guilt and then I eat to ease the guilt but instead. . . you get the idea.

I’ve gotten out my negative headspace, identified lessons learned and have a plan of action.

1. Document my long-term goals: They’re in my head but not on paper.
2. Document my weekly workout and eating goals: Fail to plan; Plan to fail.
3. Document my progress: For a minute I lost the forest for the trees. I have a lot of weight to lose but I have actually lost weight.
4. Document a plan for each special event to prevent overeating and missed workouts.

Let’s get started!


Height: 5’1-1/2″ (that 1/2″ counts!)

Starting Weight: 159.4 (10/23/09)

W1: 157.4 (10/30/09) -2 yay!
W2: 156.4 (11/6/09) -1 yay!
W3: 158.0 (11/13/09) +1.6 boo!
W4: 157.0 (11/20/09) -1 yay!
W5: 156.8 (11/25/09) -0.2 yay!

Goal Weight: A STRONG 115 (4/3/2010) for our 5 year wedding anniversary in May!


It’s a living document. I’m open to suggestions on ways to splurge!

-5 lb = Mani & Pedi!
– 10 lb = Thinksport water bottle!
– 15 lb =
– 20 lb = Shoes!
– 25 lb =
– 30 lb = 1 hour massage!
– 35 lb =
– 40 lb =
– 44 lb = Anniversary outfit (dress, purse, shoes, accessories. . . all of it!!)

Writing this post was extremely motivating. I am going to make it . . . there is no other option!

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

– Kareen, RD

Join me on my journey:

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