Neurons and Synapses and Oh My!

Posted on November 18, 2009


Working in Food Service where your meals are free can pose a challenge. For me, it’s a daily challenge. I love food but I (obviously) have a history of abusing it as I discuss in a previous post.

Breakfast has been an obstacle for me until this week. It’s the cheesy eggs at work. There’s nothing healthy about hot eggs smothered with melting shredded cheese. Absolutely nothing.

For weeks, I promised myself I would only go for the cream of wheat and boiled eggs (throwing the yolks away). Well, boiled eggs cannot compete with cheesy eggs and every morning I would find myself spooning up a little “heart attack delight.”

I faced the facts and this past Friday, I began eating breakfast at home. I don’t even go into the cafeteria during breakfast service. Yeah, it takes more time in the morning but the calorie, sodium and fat savings are completely worth it.

Today’s daily challenge: heavily frosted birthday cake stationed in the hallway outside my office. I must have walked by that cake 20 times and each time I had to forcibly tell myself not to look at it. I enjoy frosted carrot cake. And it’s not that I will never taste cake again; it’s about me understanding that it’s okay to say ‘no.’ I’ve clearly said ‘yes’ too many times. I didn’t have any cake and I made it through the day intact.

Food is fuel. That’s it.

I’m making changes and creating new habits. Each time I make a choice that supports this journey, I think of the new synapse pathway that is developing between my neurons to support my actions. I also think of the old pathway that will always be there but it will be a road less traveled. It’s empowering to think that my actions are altering my brain chemistry.

That’s cool, right?

Today marked CLX Day 9 – Rest Day. I use these days to get in extra cardio. A.M. workout was 60 mins Tae Bo II. P.M. workout was 60 mins Ultimate Tae Bo. I love a good sweat!

Already excited by tomorrow’s opportunities. . . Bring it!

– k

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